J Hus – Big Conspiracy

“I was fresh from a war but it was internal/Every day I encounter another hurdle,” J Hus spits as he closes Big Conspiracy on the piano-led “Deeper Than Rap.” That war, and the highs and lows of Momodou Jallow’s life, make for a mesmerizing second album. Lyrics address his incarceration, street life, God, violence, his African roots, and colonialism. From others those themes would feel heavy, but delivered in J Hus’ effortless voice, with a flow that switches frequently, they stun.

The references are playful, too-Mick Jagger and Woody Woodpecker are mentioned on “Fortune Teller” and Destiny’s Child gets a recurrent role in the standout “Fight for Your Right.” Hus is backed by inventive instrumentation encompassing delicate strings, Afrobeats, reggae and hip-hop and nods to garage and Dr. Dre’s work with 50 Cent, while Koffee and Burna Boy contribute to the celebratory feel on “Repeat” and “Play Play.” This is a record as diverse, smart, and vibrant as anything coming from the UK right now.


1. Big Conspiracy
2. Helicopter
3. Fight For Your Right
4. Triumph
5. Play Play Ft. Burna Boy
6. Cucumber
7. Repeat Ft. Koffee
8. Fortune Teller
9. Reckless
10. No Denying
11. Must Be
12. Love Peace & Prosperity
13. Deeper Than Rap

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