Shoto Khan – Art Of War

Paying homage to the Wu Tang style with a heavy Kung Fu influence, Shoto Khan comes with an aggressive Gravediggaz delivery to get you hype in his newest album Art Of War! Check out the title track featuring Sleep Lyrical & Al Mal!

The Art Of War takes you through Sun Tzu’s classic literary work with tales of revenge, discussions of fight strategy, inner reflection and pure adrenaline fueled rage to prepare you for life’s battles. This album is pure fight training music at its finest while at the same time raises valuable questions about life for you to reflect on to help you take on any obstacles ahead of you!


1.Choppin Bricks
2.Ground & Pound ft. Playboy the Beast
3.Back to the Chambers ft. Ren Thomas
4.Sun Tzu
5.Bare Knuckle ft. Sleep Lyrical
6.Steady Reps ft. Playboy the Beast
7.Musashi Dragon ft. Lil Mushu & Al Mal
8.Ninja Assassins ft. Yxng Raijin
9.Shoto Khan
10.Art Of War ft. Sleep Lyrical & Al Mal

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