JPEGMAFIA – All My Heroes Are Cornballs

“This album is really a thank you to my fans tbh. I started and finished it In 2018, mixed and mastered it in 2019 right after the Vince tour. I don’t usually work on something right after I release a project. But Veteran was the first time in my life I worked hard on something, and it was reciprocated back to me. So I wanted thank my people. And make an album that I put my my whole body into, as in all of me. All sides of Me baby. Not just a few. This the most ME album I’ve ever made in my life, Im trying to give y’all niggas a warm album you can live in and take a nap in maybe start a family and buy some Apple Jacks to. I’ve removed restrictions from my head and freed myself of doubt musically. I would have removed half this shit before but naw fuck it. Y’all catching every bit of this basic bitch tear gas. This is me, all me, in full form nigga, and this formless piece of audio is my punk musical . I hope it disappoints every last one of u.”


1 Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot
2 Kenan Vs. Kel
3 Beta Male Strategies
5 Grimy Waifu
7 Rap Grow Old & Die x No Child Left Behind
8 All My Heroes Are Cornballs
11 Lifes Hard, Here’s a Song About Sorrel
12 Thot Tactics
13 Free the Frail (feat. Helena Deland)
14 Post Verified Lifestyle
15 BasicBitchTearGas
16 Dots Freestyle Remix (feat. Buzzy Lee & Abdu Ali)
17 Buttermilk Jesus Type Beat
18 Papi I Missed U

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