Nef The Pharaoh – Mushrooms & Coloring Books

Nef The Pharaoh is back with new album titled “Mushrooms & Coloring Books”


1. Needed You Most (prod by Montage)
2. Hit The Blade (prod by Apollo Jets)
3. South Vallejo (prod by Djfresh )
4. High Voltage (feat. Tyga) (prod by DTB)
5. Drought (prod by Jslappy)
6. Lethal Weapon (feat. Slimmy B) (prod by DTB)
7. Purple Cups (feat. LOE Gino) (prod by Koast)
8. Tap Yo Pussy (prod by Djfresh)
9. This Bitch Said
10. Beat That Vest Up (feat. Shootergang Kony) (prod by DTB)
11. Rockstar
12. Soulless (feat. Scando The Darklord)
13. Love Got Us Beefin
14. Left Me In The Mud (feat. Sada Baby) (prod by Djfresh)
15. Still I Rise (feat. Rexx Life Raj) (prod by Konz Beats)
16. Attempt 2 Snatch by Nef The Pharaoh (feat. ALLBLACK) (prod by Brodinski)

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