Eldorado Red – Mcrado’s 3

New mixtape from Eldorado Red “Mcrado’s 3” features Alley Boy, Eastside Jody, VL Deck, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Sada Baby and Tabius Tate.


1. McRados Intro
2. Nasty Dealer
3. Leni Hana 1st Order
4. Quality Control
5. 10 Bricks
6. Bankhead Kemp’s Order
7. Just Another Day
8. Popeyes
9. Too Stiff
10. Lil Kurt 1st Order
11. Trapped Out The Spot Feat Alley Boy, Eastside Jody
12. Top Shotta Feat Sada Baby
13. Leni Hana 2nd Order
14. No Talking Feat VL Deck
15. Break Down Trap
16. BMF
17. No Coupons Or Deals
18. 448 Feat Hoodrich Pablo Juan
19. Lil Kurt Again
20. Every Other Week
21. Streets Don’t Love Me Feat Tabius Tate

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