Lil Richie – The Beginning

Lil Richie is back with his latest mixtape called “The Beginning” The 12 track mixtape features Marlo, Joe Gifted, Suwoo, NFNC Freak, 24 Heavy and NFNC Money.


01. Lil Richie – To The Ceiling (Intro)
02. Lil Richie – IDK What I Would Do [Prod. By Iano Beatz]
03. Lil Richie – Believe Me [Prod. By Josh Coleman]
04. Lil Richie – Iraq (Feat. Suwoo) [Prod. By Young Tommy]
05. Lil Richie – Hold It Down [Prod. By Young Tommy]
06. Lil Richie – Alot [Prod. By Heroiin]
07. Lil Richie – Add Up (Feat. NFNC Freak) [Prod. By Freshoffthestove]
08. Lil Richie – Done Started [Prod. By Ninety Six]
09. Lil Richie – Different (Feat. 24 Heavy) [Prod. By Yayo]
10. Lil Richie – Stayed Down (Feat. NFNC Money) [Prod. By Ninety Six]
11. Lil Richie – F*ck The Industry [Prod. By Young Tommy]
12. Lil Richie – F*ck The Fame (Feat. Marlo & Joe Gifted) [Prod. By Josh Coleman]

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