Philly Raw Rap – Philly Raw Rap Vol. 1

Founded by Philadelphia rap artist Aequitas from the gritty hard hitting rap groups Dead Disciples and Dogs Of God! A 10 year veteran in the Philly Hip-Hop scene, Aequitas has opened up for local legends Reef the Lost Cause (Army of the Pharaohs) & Adlib as well international sensations such as Kotton Mouth Kings, Madchild, Wildcard and more. Teaming up with fellow Philly Hip-Hop artist AdotWAKE in 2010, Aequitas would go on to form the super rap group Dogs Of God with many local underground rap artists to promote unity within the Philadelphia Hip-Hop scene. Moving on to form rap duo group Dead Disciples with Dogs of God artist Mark Rottin, the group gained quick popularity in the Philly Raw Rap scene. With over 30 albums and EPs under his belt, Aequitas has partnered with Philadelphia based record label, MMA Music and is now in search of the hottest new MCs who keep alive the Philly Raw Rap style! 


1. AdotWAKE – Philly Raw Rap Vol.1 (INTRO) 
3. Enasnimi – Murderous 
4. E-J Bar – Night Shift 
5. Shoto Khan ft. Ren Thomas – Back to the Chambers 
6. T-Rod – Steak Dinner
7. So Raw (SKIT)
8. MC Therapist – Danger
9. H8trid – No Tellin
10. Crisus – F**kin With Me 
11. Phatal PHD ft. H8trid – Hold Up Thug 
12. Yxng Raijin x Sleep Lyrical ft. Invectrum – Underworld 
13. BrotherZ GriM – Meet Tha Reaper 
14. AdotWAKE – Philly Raw Rap Vol. 1

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