Bandgang Lonnie Bands – Kod

New mixtape from Bandgang Lonnie Bands “Kod” features Drego, Shredgang Mone Cash Click Boog, Beno, Rob Vicious, Shoreline Mafia and more.


1. KOD
2. ome Here Feat Drego
3. Shred 1.5 Feat Shredgang Mone Cash Click Boog
4. Like That
5. Press Me
6. Mines Feat BandGang Paid Will Bandgang Javar
7. Weird Feat Sada Baby Bandgang Masoe Shredgang Mone
8. We It
9. Moody
10. 10 Freaky Hoes Feat Beno
11. Project Gurb Feat Rob Vicious
12. Spice Up
13. Propane
14. Embassy Feat Shoreline Mafia
15. Danger Feat Stunna Girl
16. Hit Dem Lights
17. Ghetto Moshpit
18. Mama Told Me
19. Heaven For A Thug
20. Shred
21. Detroit To Inglewood Feat Ice Burgandy Drego Beno Bandgang Masoe VVSBeezy

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