Kiddo Marv – Kingz In Denial Dont Overcome II

New album from Kiddo Marv “Kingz In Denial Dont Overcome II” features from Trick Daddy, Wyclef Jean, Ball Greezy, Major Nine, Sam Sneak, Beni Moun and Tokyo Jetz.

01. Zoe To The Bone feat. Beni Moun
02. Too Young feat. Trick Daddy
03. Take It Easy
04. Heart Breaker feat. Tokyo Jetz
05. Soul Ties
06. Rain
07. They Shootin’ feat. Major Nine & Sam Sneak
08. Tru Playa Fareal feat. Ball Greezy
09. No Time
10. Vodou Lady
11. Frenemies
12. Tasty Stacy
13. Independent Woman feat. Wyclef Jean
14. Epi Dats Et
15. Superstar

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