Show – 1st Quarter

New mixtape from rapper Show “1st Quarter” features GMR, Sunny Surf, Saint, 2up, AK.


1. Go Crazy
2. Julius Erving ft GMR, Sunny Surf
3. Boxed Inn ft Saint, 2up
4. No No ft GMR
5. Through The Drought
6. Mood ft AK
7. Jorge ft Saint, Heff, AK
8. Make It Count ft AK
9. Blurr ft GMR
10. One More Time ft AK
11. Drip N Swagg ft GMR
12. Outta Space ft GMR
13. See You Work ft GMR
14. Twerk ft Heff
15. We Aint The Same ft GMR
16. Blue Faces ft AK
17. She Know ft Heff
18. Buy The Bar ft GMR
19. Piano ft Saint

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