The Perceptionists – Low Resolution

The Perceptionists returned last year with their first new group album in years. The official release led to a tour and even an appearance on NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert” with a live band. But for 2018, they wanted to rough the edges up and revisit it. Enter Paten Locke. Paten had produced a pair of tracks on the original record that were fan favorites, so he seemed like a natural choice to rework 7 of the albums best tracks. On top of that, Paten, Mr. Lif and Akrobatik created an entirely fresh joint titled “Bait.” The result is “Low Resolution” an 8 track long record that brings “Resolution” into a completely different light.

01. Dirty Drumz (Paten Locke Mix)
02. Hose Down (Paten Locke Mix)
03. A Different Light (Paten Locke Mix)
04. Lemme Find out (Paten Locke Mix)
05. Bait (Paten Locke Mix)
06. Out of Control (Paten Locke Mix)
07. Resolution (Paten Locke Mix)
08. Free at Last (Paten Locke Mix)

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