Pooh Gutta – Weem Ave

New mixtape from Pooh Gutta “Weem Ave.” Hosted by DJ Ryan Wolf


1. Weem Ave Intro Prod By SlimXX
2. No Coming Back Prod By Pyrexxz
3. I Got The Juice Feat Chxpo Prod By Pyrexxz
4. I Got Hoes Feat Rootabang Prod By Pyrexxz SlimXX
5. Big Tuck Feat Ray Jr Ty Bri Prod By Pyrexxz
6. Rollies Prod By Pyrexxz
7. Runnin Out Of Lies Prod By Pyrexxz
8. Took The Plug Up Feat Doe Boy Prod By Pyrexxz
9. Quit Callin Feat Pete Stay Swipin Chris Bo Prod By NickEOnTheBeat
10. Bae Feat Pete Stay Swipin Prod By 318 Tae
11. UTW Feat Britt Bandz Tre LBS Prod By Pyrexxz
12. Roll On Feat Al Fatz Prod By Sosa 808
13. Baby I m Ready Prod By Like O
14. Weem Ave Outro

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